Why Your Next Meeting Should Be in a Local Workspace

Published: Jan 26, 2024
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Why Opt for Local Workspaces?

Recently, the buzz surrounding local workspaces and sustainability has been impossible to ignore. However, this buzz is far from mere hype; it signifies a significant shift in how we perceive work environments, particularly regarding their environmental and economic advantages.

This article discusses how using a sustainable local workspace can be a game-changer for your next meeting, brainstorming session, or work marathon. We will explore why choosing an environmentally-friendly option can benefit you, focusing on the advantages you can gain.

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Meeting Spaces

Traditional Spaces vs. Planet Earth

It might surprise you that traditional office buildings are akin to those gas-guzzling automobiles of the 1990s—they leave a substantial ecological footprint. These buildings consume vast amounts of energy, not to mention the considerable carbon footprint generated by daily commutes to and from these structures.

In stark contrast, many local workspaces resemble the sleek electric bikes of the office world. They readily embrace green building practices, incorporating recycled materials and energy-efficient designs.

My First Visit to a Green Workspace

I vividly recall visiting a local cafe in north London with a green ethos. The air felt distinct – invigorating, somehow. Plants and an exquisite reclaimed wood desk were basking in natural light everywhere you looked. I instinctively knew it was not just an ordinary workplace when I walked into the building. There was an aura of purpose surrounding it that spoke volumes about the kind of place it was.

This was a space where people serious about their goals came to work and achieve. Looking around, I felt an overwhelming sense of confidence and determination. Clearly, this was not simply a place to work; it was a bold declaration of purpose that inspired greatness.

Supporting the Circular Economy through Local Workspaces

What's the Circular Economy Again?

To grasp the concept fully, let's break down the circular economy: it revolves around keeping resources in use for as long as possible, starkly contrasting our traditional 'use and toss' mentality. Local workspaces play a pivotal role in this paradigm.

They often incorporate upcycled furniture, promote the sharing of resources (imagine that top-tier printer), and lend robust support to local businesses. It's about creating a sustainable loop within our communities.

A Tale of Two Cups

Allow me to share a brief anecdote. I noticed two types of cups in my regular local workspace: reusable and compostable. This seemingly simple choice encapsulates the essence of the circular economy. It goes beyond waste reduction; it involves contemplating how each item can enjoy a second life or return to the Earth without causing harm.

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The Social and Economic Benefits of Local Workspaces

More Than Just a Place to Work

Local workspaces can be more than just functional workspaces; they can evolve into social hubs and economic catalysts. They serve as melting pots for networking, offering opportunities to connect with potential collaborators or future clients while you wait for your espresso shot. For young entrepreneurs and professionals, these spaces can serve as dynamic launchpads.

Saving Dollars and Making Sense

Consider the financial burden associated with a traditional office – it can be staggering! On the other hand, local workspaces offer flexible plans that save you money and allow you to invest in a community and a sustainable future simultaneously.

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Local Workspaces as Hubs of Innovation and Creativity

Where Ideas Come to Play

Local workspaces exude an energy that sparks creativity. Whether it's the diverse mix of people, the inspiring art adorning the walls, or simply a departure from the monotonous 9-to-5 office grind, these spaces serve as fertile grounds for innovation.

Collaboration in Action

I once witnessed a serendipitous meeting between a graphic designer, a coder, and a writer in the communal area of a workspace. This chance encounter led to the inception of a remarkable project. It's these spontaneous collaborations that often yield astonishing outcomes.

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Practical Tips for Finding and Utilising Local Workspaces

Finding Your Space

In search of a local workspace? Start by considering your priorities – location, ambience, amenities, and environmental practices. Take a tour and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. It's akin to dating; you want to find the perfect match.

Making the Most of It

Once you've discovered your ideal spot, become an active participant in the community. Attend events and engage in workshops. Remember, sustainability isn't solely about the workspace itself; it's also about how we utilise it. Bring your mug, use digital notes, or even carpool to the workspace.


In conclusion, local workspaces transcend the label of being mere trendy alternatives to traditional offices. They represent our generation's unwavering commitment to sustainability, community, and innovation. They provide a glimpse into a future where work and environmental consciousness walk hand in hand.

Take Action Today!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore the sustainable local workspaces in your vicinity. Share your ideas, engage in collaborative sustainability initiatives, and become an integral part of this exhilarating movement. Always remember that every choice contributes to a broader transformation regardless of scale. Let us work in spaces that align with our values, such as sustainable local workspaces, and let us ensure that our actions make a meaningful impact!

Sara Tavasolian
VP of Product