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Generate a steady stream of income from your workspace without any additional effort.
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Manage your calendar, payments and bookings.
As a host, efficiently manage your bookings, prevent cancellations, and maintain an up-to-date calendar with Springy’s booking calendar. For those with multiple listings, streamline your operations by managing the calendar for each workspace listing, saving valuable time.
Experience a smooth and efficient payment management solution with us. We equip you with a Stripe Connect account, enabling you to handle guest payments and monitor your bookings effortlessly.
Instant booking
Instant booking
Instant booking
Account managers have the ability to enable the Instant booking feature, providing the flexibility and ease of accepting reservations instantly or through approval-based requests.
Exchange reviews to establish trust, a key element in attracting potential clients. The input from your guests will enhance your company’s image, encouraging repeat transactions and referrals from satisfied customers.
Blue ocean
Share resources cut costs and carbon footprint.
Springy is a leading workspace-sharing company. Our unique, circular approach highlights underutilised resources, delivering unparalleled value.

Our user-friendly platform opens up potential new audiences through value conservation and distribution. This enables us to share resources within the community, reducing costs and minimising our carbon footprint. We’re championing a sustainable approach to work, shaping the cities of the future. By lowering the entry barrier for the rental market, we decrease market friction caused by unnecessary property vacancies and lessen the environmental impact of urban areas.

We envision a future where circular practices are the norm and shared spaces are the preferred choice, ensuring efficient and resourceful use of products and materials throughout their life cycles.

Together, we’re building a leading physical and social network that not only sparks curiosity but also fosters a deep sense of purpose.
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Thanks to our supporters for believing in our mission and helping us make a positive impact.
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