Springy x SCC

Published: Jan 11, 2024
Image showing 14 companies at the proptech event in London.
Image: SCC

Ecosystem Exchange

In September, an exciting milestone marked Springy's journey as we were selected among 14 innovative companies to participate in the Ecosystem Exchange: Proptech programme held in London.

This collaborative event, organized by the Embassy of Sweden in London, the British Embassy in Stockholm, and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK, aimed to promote international business relationships and showcase innovative technological advancements in property technology.

The two-day program was an intense and enriching experience. We had the great opportunity to immerse ourselves in a series of expert-led masterclasses that provided us with powerful insights and strategies for confidently driving business growth and quickly adapting to the ever-evolving market landscape.

Inspiring speeches from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders gave us valuable insights, igniting innovative ideas and fresh approaches to problem-solving.

Image of speakers and a moderator engaging in a discussion on stage.
Mark Prisk, Chairman, Saltaire Housing Ltd and former Member of Parliament; Martin Reeves, Development Director, Oktra; Ramsey Assal, Founder & CEO, The Landsite

The "speed networking" sessions were undoubtedly one of the most exciting highlights of the program. These sessions presented a unique opportunity for participants to engage in rapid-fire conversations with various industry experts and professionals, enabling them to make valuable connections and gain fresh insights into their respective fields.

Image showing 14 companies attentively listening to speakers at an event.
Image: SCC

These sessions were not only an opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals but also a chance to explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

The diversity of participants, ranging from startup founders to established business executives, created a dynamic and stimulating environment for exchanging ideas and experiences.

Pru Ashby, Head of Sustainability, London & Partners; Isabella Gillstrom, Investor, Hg Capital Partners; Mark Prisk, Chairman, Saltaire Housing Ltd and former Member of Parliament; Anna Crona, Head of Business Services, SCC

Thanks to the team at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK for hosting a fantastic event!

And a special thanks to the fantastic speakers, moderators, and brilliant proptech startups and scale-ups we had the privilege of meeting.

Sara Tavasolian
VP of Product